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Currently an English/linguistics PhD student at the University of Western Ontario in London ON, Canada, Dave is a precociously nerdy academic, who enjoys anime, manga and retro computing almost as much as he loves his deep comparative research into historical Germanic languages, and their related literary corpora. He has a particularly unquenchable passion for the Old English, Old Saxon and Gothic tongues, and is always ready and willing to read and write about them. He loves to give a voice to old languages, and can frequently be found reciting lines from the Heliand, Beowulf, and the Gothic Bible, desperately trying to become the early medieval scop he wishes he could be.

Harboring a near-obsessive fascination with manuscript/print culture, Dave has spent exorbitant amounts of money on printed and hand written documents from across space and time. When he's not reading, writing papers, or marking up XML documents, Dave can be found singing (with mixed results) into his R8 portable mixing studio, playing video games, drawing, programming, or earnestly trying to whip himself back into shape.

He is male, 5'10", with black hair, blue eyes, a winning smile, far too much body hair and far too little common sense. He likes long walks on the beach, software design, ancient languages and blueberry muffins.


Retro computing, programming/processor architecture, manuscript collecting/early print culture, linguistics, writing, antiquing, book-selling, retro gaming

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David Carlton


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