Cardbus and PCMCIA?


I'm wondering if Cardbus is compatible with PCMCIA. I have a Thinkpad 600E and I have the opportunity to purchase a Cardbus ethernet adaptor for a good price, however, I am unsure if it will work in my machine. Any and all help is always appreciated.

Valentines Day present...

My current bf got me a superdrive for my freakishly modded iBook.... We are gonna test to see if it works tomorrow. It is a toshiba superdrive, not a sony... so we are crossing our fingers that it is supported. If not, it should at least be bootable (since the combo drives were toshibas) and I can use Toast DVD. Biggrin

NewLife 1 and/or NewLife 2

I'm intested in a buying this...if anyone still has some of these (I learned of it in a 1987 MacWorld)

a NewLife 1 or 2 128K Mac upgrade.

It's got to have:
SCSI/External Monitor Port/10MHz CPU/4MB RAM capacity...etc.



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