Price check on Intel and PPC minis

I've got a trade/buy deal in the works for two minis. I'm curious how much the pair should go for, and I'm not finding too much pricing info. The pricing list at LEM doesn't quite include the specs they have. The Intel one is 1.66 Core Duo, 2GB RAM, Superdrive, Wireless and Bluetooth, 80GB drive and the G4 is 1.42GHz, 1GB RAM, Superdrive, 80GB drive, Bluetooth and wireless. The pair is listed at $850.

ipod nano problem on microsoft xp home edition 2002

yo i got a 2g 2gb silver ipod nano and it works perfectly except for the fact that my computer has no driver installed for it and i have itunes. itunes doesnt pick it up or my computer. ive even installed a 2.0 usb pci card and it still doesnt show. it says unknown hardware everytime i plug it in and it only charges my ipod for about 3 seconds then it quits. but i have plugged it into my playstation2 and it charges. so im wondering how i can get my computer to work like my playstation and read the ipod


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