Kaypro II System Disks

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Kaypro II System Disks

Howdy folks:

As a vintage computer collector, my systems extend beyond the realm of Apple.  As such, I recently purchased a used Kaypro II in fairly nice condition.

Unfortunately, the seller did not have any system disks.  The disk images are readily available on the internet, but I do not have a non-Apple based way of transfering the images to actual floopies. 

I have found a site that offers theKaypro II  sysetm disk images and a program that runs in DOS.

If anyone has a DOS based system with a 5.25" floppy and would be willing to assist in transfering some software from images to floppies I would love to chat.  I have plenty of 5.25" floppies, so I can provide the media.



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I can help you out. Just tell

I can help you out. Just tell me what you need



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