FS: New Apple Service/Retail Items...

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FS: New Apple Service/Retail Items...

Hello All,
I have some extra items I have sitting in storage and I could use the extra space... Most of the items are hard to find... Here is a list of the items:

NEW (New in Box) Retail Items:
10- Apple 33.6 Modem GeoPort
8- 28.8 Platinum PCMCIA Cards for PowerBooks
10-PowerBook Duo Ram Upgrades
10- Apple Network Server Ram Upgrades
5- PowerBook 5XX Modems internal
3-FullWirte word processing App (older Macs)
15- QuickDraw 3D Cards
12-MPEG Media System
2-MVP Mice
400- ACER AirKey Wirless ADB Keyboards
20- Apple CD-Rom upgrade kits
30-Ethernet adapters
25-AAUI to BNC Adapters
50-Token Ring to AUI Adapters
20- Account/Invoice/Inventory Mac Software VERY GOOD For Small Business
800-1.44mb Disks for Mac
20- WiFi (Wireless) cards for Apple Newton PDAs and Macs (PCMCIA)
60- Mac 128 Mice NEW
20-NEW MacPaint Apps
50-PowerBook external Video conectors
30-9.1 Gig 10,000 RPM SCSI Mac Drives
40-Apple LW Post Scrpit Upgrades
240-Apple SW Pro INK (Black)
180-Apple Color Printer Ink (Black )
180-Apple Color Printer Ink ( Magenta )
180-Apple Color Printer Ink ( Cyan )
120-Apple Color Printer Ink ( Yello )
10- NEW Mac Connnection kits 128k, 512k TO Lisa Computes
5-New PowerBook G3 Boards
AND MANY OTHER ITEMS Please ask if you need something...

I can take offers on any and all of this items as I need space...

Mark Jozaitis

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How much are you asking for o

How much are you asking for one of the WiFi cards? Will they work with an eMate?


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