is it a Mac?

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is it a Mac?

dear Sirs, my new g5 powermac it's not working perfectly, from the first day.
applications gets in crash, sorry for my slang but i'm not english, easily. once is the finder, once is archicad, often the opening/closing internet connection. the best one is the disk holder that decides on its own to don't open. so i push the button to start from zero, not less 2 times a day.
they told me i have a few ram, just 512. but i can't belive that this is the reason.they told me to reset the osx. what do you think?
thanks a lot.

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Take it back

Sounds to me like you got a lemon... Call apple's tech support and talk to them and tell them this. They may have to call it in and fix it. another thing you can do is to use the OS X recovery disk and do a re-install of the system. If you do, do an Archive and install, under the options in the installer. It is fairly easy to do. That may rid you of some of your problems. If the rest don't clear up, You may have a hardware failure. So it may have to go in. Best of luck.

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