Setting up AOL 9.0

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Setting up AOL 9.0

I just purchased a G3 Lombard and the Mac system is new to me and I need some help. My ISP is AOl and I have a dial up connection. I attempted to load AOL version 9.0 on to my laptop but it only will load version 5.0 . Can anyone explain how I can get 9.0 loaded on to my laptop? The 5.0 version of AOL is a dinosaur !

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If you are running OS 9 then

If you are running OS 9 then the latest version of AOL you can run is 5. AFAIK 9 hasn't even been released for mac yet (and somehow I doubt it will).


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AOL 9 is only for a PC, which

AOL 9 is only for a PC, which is what I run. I also run AOL 5 on my macs and I have to say AOL 5 is alot better than AOL 9. AOL 9 is just bloated and slow - a huge hog.

Anyway, how often do you use AOL's "Member Features", considering free alternatives on the WWW are far better?

I tried to get AOL 5 to work with this PC, but only AOL 8 and above work.

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