SE/30 E-Mail Via DSL Help ?

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SE/30 E-Mail Via DSL Help ?

I would like to connect one of our SE/30s for the boys to do e-mail. We have DSL with SBC. Our PowerMac 7300/500 and G4 iBook are connection with the SpeedStream and D-Links router. Could someone please help us to figure out how to set up our SE/30 and connect via the DSL so the boys can do e-mail?


SE/30, 128MB RAM, System 7.1, 7.5 (7.5.5?)

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You cna get a PDS ethernet ca

You cna get a PDS ethernet car dfor it fairly cheap, if you can find one. NuBus/LC-PDS/CommSlot won't work. You'll need one that is for an '030 PDS for SE/30 (and might also be for a IIsi) only. Then you'll be able to use in on your network much like your other machines, though with differnt software that has less capabilities and is much slower... But for an SE/30 you've got it pretty nice anyway.

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eBay's probably your best bet for a card

I perused eBay, and found this .

- iantm

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