Beige G3 Video Problems

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Beige G3 Video Problems

I just hooked up my beige g3 again, and I can't get any video out of it! It makes the startup bong, it sends some sort of signal to the monitor, but no video is produced. I have tried zapping the pram, a cuda reset, having no ide devices hooked up, everything. Anyone have any suggestons? Did I miss something?

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Try booting from a CD and see

Try booting from a CD and see if the video comes up.

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Re: Beige G3 Video Problems

I have tried zapping the pram

Did you check the pram battery? If it's very low, or dead, it may prevent the Mac from starting up past that point.

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Beige G3 Video problems

If my beige is anything to go by a flat/low CUDA battery shouldn't keep it from booting Smile

One possibility is that the monitor can't display the signal being sentby the beige. You could try hooking up a different monitor and see if you have any joy with that.

BTW, Have you had it workning in the past or not?


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Do a warm reboot 3-5 times. L

Do a warm reboot 3-5 times. Let the machine bong, then give it about 20sec then control-command-power. Repeat the process 3-5 times, or until you get video. If after 8 or so tries you don't get video, it's not going to work, and you'll have to investigate other potential causes. It's kinda like the PizzaBoxPowerToggle used on the Pizza-Box LC's to get video on a machine with a flat PRAM battery.


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No Video

I have a beige G3 MT, 333Mhz, 192ram and twin turbo video card (8megs vram) I bought this machine with this problem (Cheap,Cheap) and I have come to the conclusion that the rom chip is going bad (ver#.82.1) as the pram battery is new a hard reset (option/command +p&r) will after 4 bongs bring the computer up although at times it will show no hard drive.

I three of these machines and two of them work flawlessly. One using OS 9.2.1, the other OS X 10.2.8 and the problem machine running OS X 10.2. once it starts up it runs ok no problem but shut it down for 8 hours and you are back with the same problem. No Video at boot either from the onboard (ATI 6meg Vram) or the Twin turbo 8meg Vram PCI card.

I did not mean to be so long winded on this subject but I sincerly think the rom chip is going bad and replacing it with a later ver chip could be the cure. I have seen them for sale on E-bay at very reasonable prices.

BTW a dead pram battery will cause the same problem you are experiancing however if its good then go with the rom chip

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