OS X reconfigure right-click

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OS X reconfigure right-click

I don't have a two button mouse, but I do use -click often when I am browsing. A late addition to Panther (in Tiger as well) is that when you -click on an image, it gives this new choice of saving to the desktop, and and eliminated the "Save as..." option altogether (used to have "Save to Dowloads Folder" instead of "Save to Desktop").

I don't like this... I hate it that my only option is to save an image to the desktop (or to iPhoto Library). I can copy the image, open Preview and save it where I like, but that takes too long when I want to dl a bunch of arbitrary images one at a time. What I used to do is switch my Downloads folder in Safari preferences to a new image folder, and then I was able to quickly download what I wanted and have it in the exact place I wanted it.

Does anyone know how to reconfigure/customize the -click pop up window?

(This is something I was hoping MacWorld would put in there hints or tips and tricks columns, but I haven't seen it)

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Sorry to say, I don't believe that's something you can change.

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drag & drop

well, did you ever try to drag an image out of the browser and drop it where you'd like it?

for example, you could open a finder window in background, go to the folder you'd like to have the particular picture. then go to safari, drag the desired picture and drop it in the finder window (you could use F9 - Exposé if it is in background).

ok, not as handy as getting a "save to" option on right-click, but better than saving to the desktop, eh?

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