Nintendo's Revolution

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Nintendo's Revolution

Just a bit ago, Nintendo revealed their design for the upcoming Revolution console's controller. It resembles a small TV remote, has built in advanced gyroscopics and a kind of 3d mouse control system, and a positively genius expansion port to connect to a controller add-on or to plug into a shell of a more conventional controller. Personally, I love the design and flexability and am definately going to buy one.

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Of all the next-gen consoles

Of all the next-gen consoles coming out, the only one I really considered buying was the Revolution. Upon seeing the controller, I was taken aback a bit. My gut reactionwas that this has to be a joke, or some kind of mistake. No, this is the real deal. Then I read what this thing is capable of, and I'm completely on board. The possibilities this repesents are staggering. Sure, Revolution might not get a fair amount of games featured on the PS3 or 360, but then again, the Revolution is going to have some pretty awesome exlusives.

For me, the fact that I will be able to play old world Nintendo games is what made the Revolution attractive to begin with. This controller can be turned horizontally so that, among other things, you can play classic games on a classic style game pad. I can't wait.

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