Recommended CD-RW/DVD Combo drive for HP ePC

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Recommended CD-RW/DVD Combo drive for HP ePC

I have an HP ePC and the CD-ROM drive decided to die on it. These particular computers use a notebook CD-ROM drive (Goldstar brand in my case). While I managed to replace it with a Teac CD-ROM from an IBM Thinkpad and a little work with a dremel tool, I was wondering if you had some recommendations for a notebook CD-RW or combo drive for this PC.

I can use an external drive with it, but it only has USB 1.1 and no internal slots of any kind.

Thanks ahead of time!

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crx-820e is a good bet. It's about $120USD on ebay or less (My guess is the "or less") I got one for a Pismo and it has run flawlessly

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Re: Recommended CD-RW/DVD Combo drive for HP ePC

I have an HP e-PC42. No slots and USB 1.1 are big problems, so I replaced orginal HD with a new MAXTOR 300Mb and CD-ROM drive with a LiteON SDW-421S DVD writer. All works well (HD with MAXTOR MAX BLAST utility) but I'm no more able to boot from CD...
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