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CPU upgrade

Is it possible to put a cpu from a 933 MHz quicksilver into a 533 MHz digital audio ?


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you mean "QuickSilver 2002"

check the Service Source manual for PowerMac G4/Macintosh Server G4 (covers AGP Graphics/Gigabit Ethernet/Digital Audio/QuickSilver, Power Mac G4 (PCI Graphics), Macintosh Server G4 with Mac OS X Server, & Macintosh Server G4)

The manual is available, but
For some fscked up reason, its split into 5 part rar... (the thing's less than 10MB, so wtf?)

Here are the 5 parts:
RAR download part 1
RAR download part 2
RAR download part 3
RAR download part 4
RAR download part 5

and you'll need something like UnRarX to concat the files.

But I took a look for myself, and IMHO its a definately positive maybe. The mobos are slightly different, the processor slots are in different locations, the heat sinks are different... may fit... may not... may fit and fry, may not...

I'd like to know, too. It looks like all those machines mentioned above have the same proc slot, but some have different bus speeds, those two are both 133, though.

THIS & THIS may be good sources of information, though not specifically related...

Anyone know if the bus speeds on SawTooth are adjustable?

And, hey, if it works, can I get your old Digital Audio processor?
I may be able to put it to good use!

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