Poll: Who Here Still Uses OS 9 (or another classic os)?

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Poll: Who Here Still Uses OS 9 (or another classic os)?

As a result of my beige g3 dying and the dvd drive in my pismo also dying right after my os x install died, I had to use a umax c500 with a sonnet cresendo upgrarde (which I got for $10 in a c600) with os 9.2.2. I am also using that on my pismo while I wait for my new dvd drive (Thanks recamper!!!).

The question is, how many of you 'fritter critters still use os 9 (or another classic os)?

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use to

I have 8.5 on my powerbook g3 (wicth i can't ues right now (lost the plug))then i went to 8.6 then 9.1 then 9.2 then 10.8 mac os x is soo much better then I thought it would be and it runs ok (I put more memroy in it Smile but os 9 is ok

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Still Into Classic

I use 9.2 on my Tangarine iBook "Tang". My 5260 "Sophia" uses 8.5, and I'm about to install 7.6.1 on my PB5300 "Morgana". My 68k machines use a mixture of 6, 7 and 7.5.5.
All of my machines are used fairly regularly. I also use Newton 2 on my eMates, but not really much of a choice there, eh?


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I use 9.2.2 every day. Its on

I use 9.2.2 every day. Its on my wallstreet, and both of my beiges. I don't find alot of basic stuff that I can do in OS X that I can do in OS 9; like web-browsing, writing, music, etc etc.


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I do somewhat.

I have OS 9.2.2 running on my Beige G3 Server. I know OS 9 is not much of a heavy lifter when it comes to server work, but I needed it on there in case I needed 9 any. Ever since I upgraded to X on my B&W, I've never run OS 9 on it again.

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i use OS 9.2.2 on my Beige G3

i use OS 9.2.2 on my Beige G3 AIO everyday as my main OS on my Beige. i can do almost everything i can do in OS X in OS 9.2.2 and its less of a resource hog. today OS X 10.2.8 is becoming like OS 9.2.2 unsupported. if Tiger would play nice with my pioneer drive then i would use Os X more. and i would use O SX more if it fully supported the Wings personality card. so i could use my built in Mic, volume button, A/V capturing, and a few other thing's.

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I sometimes whip out my trust

I sometimes whip out my trusty PowerBook 145B loaded with OS 7.5.5 to do work; it's great in that I don't get distracted by fancy features like internet and 3d games, which are both present on my TiBook (which has 10.2.8 + 9.1 BTW).

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OS 9

I use OS 9.1 on my WGS 9650/350, 9.2/10.2.8 on my G4/450 and my Wife uses 9.2/10.2.8 on her G4/533. 9.1 on my 3400c and my 1400/166

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Classic Rules

I use 9.2.2 on my Blueberry iBook and on my Rev A iMac.

I am running 8.6 on a PM7000 clone (which also runs AppleShare IP).

My PM 8500 runs some version of 8 or 9 but is a WIP.

My dead Quadras have 7.1 loaded but could go up to 8.1 once I drop in the CPU upgrade (once I fix the mobos).

My SE runs 6-something but is taken apart right now as I am waiting on some free cash to build a hard drive bracket to hold a second internal HD (machine will have NIC, two floppies, and two HD once bracket is in place)

While I am in favor of shoe-horning a higher OS onto an older machine (like running 9.1 on a Quadra 950) is all well and good, even I will tell you that some machines run at their best under a given OS lower than the max they 'tolerate'. I.E. My iMac runs best on 9.2.2, but just sux on any version of X (and could go up to like X.2.8 - maybe X.3.x) but the tuning you must do to the system (and my constant HD crashes under X) were not worth it for me. Every machine has its sweet spot OS. For those machines that are able to run both, it really boils down to your question directly (assuming that the question is not also accompanied by "What model Mac do you prefer?" as that really begets the question what OS is best for that machine. Taking it the other way - "What OS do you prefer?" begs the follow-up question "What machine runs that best?"

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I DO!! I DO!!

[me] raises hand [/me]

I use it by choise on both my Wallstreet and B&W G3. OS 9.2.2. it works, and if it aint broke, dont fix it. plus, they play well with each other on a small network. I know both CAN run X, but I dont want to. However, I have dressed them up to look like Panther. if anyone wants a SS, ask. it's pretty cool.

Unfortunantly, the folks over at macteens.com dont like that, and mess with me constantly. I believe thier phylosiphy is if you arnt a spoild little brat with a brand new iMac, 3 powerbooks, and a home studio in your basement, and 15 new iPods, your nothing.

but yeah, OS 9 rules. it does what I need it to do, and if I get an itch to do some command line stuff, i'll just fire up VPC 6 (under OS 9), and start up Ubuntu.

-digital Wink

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I use 9.1 on my Powerbook 140

I use 9.1 on my Powerbook 1400cs, and I'm quite happy with it.

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Penny Pincher

Yep, I use OS 9 as my main OS. Most simply because I watch television on my computers and I don't feel like shelling out money to buy new expensive TV devices, not to mention new software. I've got two computers for myself, a 9600 and a B&W. The 9600 has an Xclaim VR setup for television/video input, and it also has a really nice Big Island telephony device which is very useful, but both devices are not OS X compatible. I've got a Formac TV/video device hooked up to the B&W, and it's compatible up through Jaguar, but I was never too excited by Jaguar--it always seemed slow--and if my other computers are on 9, it seems I might as well stay on 9 with the B&W too so there's no problems moving files back and forth between the different computers. My wife's B&W has an Xclaim VR too and she's still on OS 9, but I think her future plans are going to demand X soon. I own a copy of Jaguar, and Panther, and I've got them installed on different harddrives that I can switch on if there's a need to go over to X, but so far, except for the ocassional Windows Media video download, there hasn't been a strong reason to move to X, but I can see the future coming when I'll feel more and more out of the party, so when it's time, I'll probably bite the wallet and get a whole new computer, but the setups I have now do almost all I need to do for now, and I've got all the software I need, and OS X at this point seems like it'll mostly just give me more distractions rather than aids.

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