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orinoco drivers

hi i just got my powerbook 1400cs of ebay and i want to use my avaya wifi card on it but i cant find the drivers for os 8.6 anywhere can some one please provide me with a link ?

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You may be SOL as 802.11b wir

You may be SOL as 802.11b wireless was not exactly a common technology back in the 8.6 era... http://www.penmachine.com/techie/airport1400.html has a few good resources but doesn't mention your card specifically.

Perhaps some Google searches would be a good place to start? If you can't find a driver specifically for your card, knowing what the chipset is may help you find another driver that is compatible.

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Versiontracker has the Orinoc

Versiontracker has the Orinoco drivers.
You might have luck with them, as IIRC the Avaya, Orinoco and WaveLan cards were all the same OEM.

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great little web resource:

great little web resource:


it shows you STEP BY STEP how to get a PB1400 or other old PB running wifi. they also have links to the proper drivers for the orinoco drivers.

enjoy. -digital Wink

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