New G5 a dissapointment?

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New G5 a dissapointment?

Anybody dissapointed at the new G5's? anything you were hoping for that you didn't get? I think the high end model is pretty "cool" I really hoped for a second optical drive, and the price on the low end model went up. Im glad they got upgraded though, they were in need of it. all around they are better machines though, just wish the 1.6 GHz model was still an option.

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I was hoping for a sexy carbo

I was hoping for a sexy carbon-fiber case, 4 optical bays, more memory than you can wave a finger at (as if 8 gigs isn't enough), more firewire, usb etc. ports than you would know what to do with, enough hard drive space to download the internet 4 times, and a built in 2000 in. screen using strech screen technology. If you ask me apple has a lot to work on.
-Crosby :macos:
P.S. what ever happend to computers that filled up entire rooms.

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In regard to your "P.S. what ever happend to computers that filled up entire rooms." comment.

My room is approximately 3x5 metresin length and width. Most of that space is occupied by my king single bed. Even an iMac fills up my whole room. Wink

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you can probably get a really

you can probably get a really good deal on 1.6 old/new stock from macmall or something like that... look around

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Reaching 2.5 Ghz isn't that m

Reaching 2.5 Ghz isn't that much of a disappointment. If anyone has been tracking processor news, they know the difficulties Intel had creating 90 nm based parts. The delays with the Xserve G5 was a big clue not to expect a huge clock speed increase.

The real dissapointment comes from the lack of change to the motherboard. It took nearly a full year to get new G5 systems and they are using the same basic motherboard. The new dual 1.8 Ghz machine is an exception it appears. It uses a new motherboard layout but its feature set is identical to that of the old single 1.6 Ghz machine.

I was hoping for PCI Express slots and faster DDR2 memory support.

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