Hey Newton'eers please post your favorite apps or games

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Hey Newton'eers please post your favorite apps or games

I dug out my Newton MP110 and my UNNA cd's. I have been installing packages and uninstalling them. I just can't seem to find anything worth while to put on my MessagePad.

So I figure I would ask the fritter people. If you use a Newton or have in the past what was your favorite?

I was hoping to at least find Solitaire but the one I have needs OS 2.0 and my 110 has 1.3 on it.

So please post and thanks.

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My favs

Not sure if these work below 2.x, but my most used add-ons are 'Backlight Plus' and 'NoteSlider'. My main MP is a 2100 and it is so full with notes and contacts and dates that I do not have any room at all.

I am still waiting to buy a CF card, which begs the use of the ATA drivers (and MadMax, of course). I guess, at that point, using cards allows you to pick the tool set you want.

If I could get my hands on a card with just a couple Meg, it would help - I use my MP 110 as a simple rolodex for select business contacts in only one industry, but I use my 2100 for everything.

I do have an eMate and a 130, but I do not use those so much right now. Once I get a CF card, I will probably start hoping from machine to machine more often.

But Those two apps are on my 2100 and 130 for sure and I feel that even my basic (albeit heavy) PDA usage is so enhanced by them.

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Newton eh?! Nice! What did

Newton eh?! Nice! What did I like on the older Newtons? I think Solo Deluxe might work. There are versions of Tetris and Minesweeper. There was a game called NDungeon that did not work on the later Newtons. And there was a funny continue the story book that was written about a Dog lost at the Christmas before the year 2000.

I could research the Newton 1.3 Newtons again. For the Newton 2.x Newtons I like Solo Deluxe, Modplayer, Newt's Cape (webbrowser), VT100 (Term program), EeTransfer (another good terminal program), and quite a few others.

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Newton Software

Well lets see. Accountable is a full accouting suite for the Newton and only the last version worked on 2.0 or above (and that version is very hard to find). The older versions of Accountable are around and easy to find. If you want a utlitiy menu or add buttons to your screen Reflex should work on 1.3 x-master or x-bar should do the same thing. Power Navigator should work as well but not as flexable. Also Availworks should run. Great meetings is another package that should work with 1.3. I also believe NewtHack (a fun game) will work with 1.3. There is quite a bit of software that will run on a 1.3 but I do suggest upgrading to a newer unit since they are much more flexable (either a 2100 or a 130 if you want the same hardware size, but a 2100 is definitly worth it).

With regard to the UNNA CD's, I suggest checking out the readme's that are with each package. They usually say what version of the OS is supported.

Most "classic" format Newtonbooks should also work fine on the 110 and usually the books are labeled what format they are in. If not it is probably classic.

Oh and if you want get the best Newton support around. Head over to Newtontalk.net and join the mail list.

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