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I know Macs can run Windows, but I recently wondered if it could run Ubuntu as well. So, I popped the 5.10 install disc into my iMac, and rebooted, holding down OPTION. Bang, up comes a menu. Macintosh HD and a disc labelled "WINDOWS". Click it, and the Ubuntu installer for x86 begins. Now, I aborted first chance I got "safely", and I rebooted into OS X, which went without a hitch. Now, I hadn't installed Boot Camp, or partitioned my drive - so, a coupla questions.

1 - Is it possible to partition my drive without destroying all the data?
2 - Is bootcamp necessary for Ubuntu?

Thanks for the help in advance.

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Do a google search, there are

Do a google search, there are a few people which have run Linux using Bootcamp. I wouldn't trust Ubuntu (unless they now have a Mac Intel version) to repartition the drive. However using BootCamp you can allocate space for Ubuntu quite easily.

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I've run Ubuntu

I had it on my G3 imac 400mhz, but since I have dialup getting the libraries and dependencies was a pain so I removed it.

Installation went fine. I downloaded the 'Live CD' iso (which allows you to run Ubuntu without installing it) and burnt it to a CD (3 actually, two work fine).
Then I partitioned my drive and booted from the Live CD, formatted one partition for it and installed the system software.

1. You need to format your drive to partition it. Back up first. Three partitions, one for Mac OS, one for Ubuntu and one for data.
2. You don't need BootCamp to run it. BootCamp allows you to run Windows on Intell Macs.

If you don't have the highspeed to download the 620mb image for the Live CD you can ask them for free CDs, goto ubuntu.com. They also have forums, including one for Apple users. They also have info on using Ubuntu with a Mac. Mouse around.


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It'd be best to use Boot Camp

It'd be best to use Boot Camp to setup the partition for Linux, unless the new release of Ubuntu has specific stuff to help with an Intel Macs drive setup. The Boot Camp way will write a pseudo-MBR on the drive. Also, do not let the machine install the boot loader to the MBR. IT should install it to the root partition. On a regular Intel PC, there's just empty space after the MBR to the end of the sector. On a Mac with a pseudo-MBR that space is used by the Mac. Writing the boot loader to the MBR will blow the Mac-specific data away.

Like was posted, read up about Ubuntu on Intel Macs. There should be tons of info now that 7.04 is out. The Ubuntu Forums should be hopping with questions and tips.

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