Is 1 GB the Max RAM For an Early G4 Powerbook !?

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Is 1 GB the Max RAM For an Early G4 Powerbook !?

I'm looking to buy a 667 Mhz Powerbook and just downloaded the Manual and they have two RAM slots ( One Taken By the Factory Memory and the Second Open) So why can't its RAM be extended to 1.2 GB or 1.5 GB or even 2.0 GB (Okay I'm just going nuts).

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The 12" only has one slot ...

The 12" PBG4 has only one slot, as I recall. The factory RAM is soldered to the board like in the iBooks. My friend's 867 has 128MB soldered, and can take up to a 1GB stick in the open slot.

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I think he means a 667 Titani

I think he means a 667 Titanium. The Titaniums took PC133 RAM and there are no larger sticks than 512MB in PC133 form.

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