my apple II clone acer machine problem

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my apple II clone acer machine problem

recently,I powerup my acer apple2 clone,suddenly I saw white blocks are full of screen.and a little beep.I don't know why.does anyone know how to repair or someone can help me.this is my kid's memory,I looked for a long time,this time It damage,so I had bad pls help me thx

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how long has it been sitting?

has the machine been sitting long and not in use?

Like all Machines with socketed chips, you might need to pull the chips, clean the contacts and then re-socket them. usually corrosion or heat will prevent the chips from making contact with the board or sockets so you gotta clean them and reseat them

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Along with the suggestions regarding chips, etc.
you might want to check all of your peripheral
connectors and be sure that they are clean and
tight. Also peripheral boards in their sockets.

Biggies here would be the power-supply harness
to the board and the CPU socket. Check your fuses
as well. They can get "old" and fail with age.

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