blue & white g3 heat sink

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blue & white g3 heat sink

AARGH. I was putting in a new g4 500 zif that I picked up cheap on ebay. I installed the firmware g4 de-update. Snap. I pulled the heat sink retaining clip. Snap. I took out the old zif 300. Snap. I put in the new g4 zif. Snap. I put the heat-sink back on. Snap. I re-clipped the heat sink SNAP! The little white plastic retaining nub just crumbled into 3 little pieces. Does anyone know of a heat sink that could use the two nubs to the left and right to hold the heat sink down. The only thing I can think of is using fine wire and looping one ned of both outside nubs and then twisting them tight. Any other ideas. I hope so, I got three brand new g4 zifs for about 40 bucks apiece but i can't stomach spending for a used logic board.

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You could buy or make some [u

You could buy or make some thermal epoxy to attach the heatsink.
Note that this would make the heatsink a permanent fixture on the G4 chip.
I've also seen graphics card heatsinks attached by applying thermal compound across all the chip except the four corners, then applying a bit of superglue in the corners, and clamping down the heatsink. The heatsink is then removable with light prying. YMMV,etc.
The original clip doesn't apply very much pressure, and the G4 zif isn't a big heat producer. If you go one of the above routes, adding an additional cooling fan blowing towards the CPU might give you some extra peace of mind.

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