iBook G3 With Bad video

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iBook G3 With Bad video

before I start, I must say, no, this is not a GPU issue. Mine works perfectly fine.

Last year, I ordered a 500mhz iBook from wegener media. It cost $200 at the time, and I thought it was a great steal. I put in my 80gb drive that I put in my pismo (and killed it doing it). I added in some more RAM (128 at the time, but now I have a 512mb to max it at 576mb). Soon after, the battery lost a lot of capacity, and now only holds about an hour's charge. The feet fell off, and I had some other cosmetic issues, but ignored them because it is a great machine. Then my video started to flicker.

It started simply enough, and I was able to squeeze the left side of the screen and it would come back on. It kept getting worse, and I finally decided to give it up and move back to a pismo. I acquired a 500mhz (last one was 400). This worked great for some months, but now the battery is on it's last legs, and the screen has gone pink. So, in an effort to have a descent working machine, I am looking at moving back to the iBook, even at a cost of an extra 192mb of RAM (I have 768 in the pismo.)

I took the carcass, plugged in some parts (power button, keyboard, hard drive, battery), and fired it up. The flashing ? came up, and I waited. Eventually, it started to flicker. ON a hunch, I located the video cable, and held it in jack, and surprisingly, the video stablaized, bright and clear.

Now my question is, how do I hold this in place? I tried tape, but the little handle that comes out of the end of the cable kept popping out and ripping the tape off.

I was thinking about trying some compressed air just to see if the jack or plug are dirty. You never know.

If I can fix this, I am moving back over to the iBook. It's more compact, which I like, and the battery lasts longer. I might just invest in a 1.33ghz 12" iBook. I know, it's PPC, but it can run leopard, and it has enough power for my needs. I am just not looking forward to messing with all those tiny screws again.

-digital Wink

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hot glue?

I feel for you man taking an ibook apart is a major pain , or at least mine was. but if you hot glue it in it should hold well. just to be safe thought do some research on whether this would be safe. It is just my suggestion

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