WTB/T: Newton eMate 300 AC adapter / charger

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WTB/T: Newton eMate 300 AC adapter / charger

Caught in a dark well of despair, you've struggled for years with one inescapable weight on your shoulders: the lonely burden of carrying around an Apple Newton eMate AC adapter. Unable to find a home for this obscure bit of electric ephemera, it has been a constant reminder of your inability to to connect with anyone else with enough depth that they would take this oddball charger off of your hands and out of your life. Heck, even your dog/cat/fish/mom now looks at you funny, as though they can sense the weight of that Apple Newton eMate AC adapter pressing down upon you, and they don't wish to get crushed along with you.

The yin to your yang, the alpha to your omega, I too have known the endless sorrow brought on by the Apple Newton eMate AC adapter... but in my case, it is the desire for this gadget that has kept me down! For years I've held my two Apple Newton eMate 300s in my hands, looking longingly upon their translucent green cases, their chubby styli, their unpowered LCD screens, and longed for the day when untold numbers of electrons would go crashing through their circuits, bringing them (and me!) back to life.

If you feel like we have the potential for a (ahem) spark, please let me know. Our relationship may be brief, and entirely based on the one-time sale or trade of an Apple Newton eMate 300 AC charger / adapter, but for the rest of our days we'll know that we fulfilled some longing in another... even if just for an hour (or however long it takes for an eMate to charge).


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Spaceboy's Quest...


Very eloquent. It makes me wish that I had an adapter/charger to send to you, but alas I am not a Newton guy. I am but a lowly Apple II person in a world of PCs. Smile

Best of luck in your quest of your Holy Grail.

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7.5V, 1.2A, C+

I'm seeing quite a few adaptors on ebay when I search for "emate power." Most are in the $30 range.

Given the specs I found by looking at the close-up picture here, all that's left is to match the actual "business end" of the adaptor.

Radio Shack sells adaptors with interchangeable ends, so theoretically you should be able to purchase a 7.5V, 1.2A (or higher) power transformer and a tip that fits the eMate (take it in with you and choose the proper tip from their selections).

I tried searching on Radio Shack's web page in order to provide links, but I think it'll be easier just to go to one of their stores with eMate in hand.

Using a voltmeter set to the 9~12 VDC range, put the red lead into the center of the tip and the black lead along the sleeve. If the voltmeter reads 7.5V, you've got the polarity right. If it reads -7.5V (or the needle goes to the left), reverse the tip and try again.

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you'll have to look *far* and

you'll have to look *far* and wide to find anything in the realm of adjustable AC adaptors that put out anything higher than 600mA at Radioshack. They do however sell a 12V 1A AC adaptor, but I'm afraid that may turn your eMate into a eDoorstop Sad

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I believe I may have what you

I believe I may have what you desire in my garage/office. Give me a few days to explore or drop me a PM. Decide how much it's worth to you and let me know. Rather positive I have at least 3 working adapters.


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