The Green Apple IIe

I present to you my Green Apple IIe.

Green Apple - top

No it's not some ultra rare original Prototype model or anything. It's just an old '82 Rev B Apple IIe I had kicking around and wanted to spruce up a little bit.

Green Apple - open

Underhood, we find the standard issue assortment of cards:

- 64k/80 Col. card,
- 5.25" Disk controller card,
- Super Serial II card,
- Serial Mouse interface card

Green Apple - inside

Really easy to do if you're in the mood.

Recipe instructions:

- Disassemble the Apple II, the Disk Drive, and the Mouse,
- Thoroughly clean the parts with dish soap and water,
- Rinse well and either towel dry or air dry,
- Shoot the appropriate parts with Plastic primer
- Let it dry!
- Spray your choice of color on the primer.
- Let it dry!
- Reassembly is reverse of disassembly!
- Voila



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Truly majestic. Except there are chew marks on the bottom of the third picture. I'll just call those "scars of war".

Looks great, the shade is something tasteful that I'd actually use instead of keeping around to blow out the ocular nerves of my friends. Nice choice.

JetStar's picture

Yeah! Looks like somebody was a bit hungry! Acute

nice colour ... i like it!


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yeah, most greens i think are ugly, that one fits nice.

Outstanding Work, it's been a while since I've seen a IIE in Any kind of good condition, makes me miss my old IIe's!

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i miss my IIe platinum. theyre worth so much now. thought i took it apart when i was little. i hav 92 floppys as the remains that i plan to buy a IIc for so i only have to plug one thing into the tv and put the disk in that. oh well the IIes were epic computers.

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wow, this is a really nice hack. I think you meant to say '83, because the original IIe was sold from 83-85, and the enhanced from 85-87, and the platinum from 87-93.

I have been seriously getting in to the Apple II, since my old biology teacher had a bunch, maybe I should go back and see if I can get a IIe. I really want a platinum with the latest hardware revisions, and that numeric keypad. I have a disk drive, and mouse that will work with it, as well as that printer card I could use.

expect a long topic in the Apple II forum.

-digital Wink

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On the date,
The Apple IIe motherboards come with the dates:
82 - unenhanced
84 - unenhanced
86 - enhanced
86/87 - platinum

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oh yeah, it was sold in 1982. A lot of sites cite 1983 as the beginning of production for the IIe. I also pulled out my "Apple Presents The Apple //e" disk, and it does say copyright 1982 on it.

my mistake.

-digital Wink

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I've got a couple of spares around here
that I'm thinking of doing this winter.
Maybe I'll use some "over the top" colors!

Like your shade, though.

Craig -
Very nice job! I've sold custom color Apple II's in green, red and brown, & they all looked great. Like you, I usually do the computer and drive(s), but I haven't sold any with color mice yet. The brown was my favorite to date, but all three colors are nice.

What brand paint did you use? I use the Kryon Fusion series, as the paint actually bonds to the plastics & holds up quite well.


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Apple II colors

apple time capsule

have 25 seconds patience

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I have one that I wanted to paint to look like it belonged aboard ship. So I have one in the back room that is painted Haze Gray. I have not painted the hull number on the lid and sides yet, but it's coming. Smile

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Craig -
Very nice job! ... What brand paint did you use?

Hi Ken,

Thanks for the kudos! I still have my green //e, it's sitting in the other room! I think I saw your green Apple II on ebay a week or so ago. Hope you did well on the sale!

After my green one, I did a blue one and an orange one. The orange one had no power supply and a messed up key, so I used to hang it on the wall in my computer room. One of these days I'll get my 'exhibits' back online at

Originally for the green //e, I did the case mod in Aug '04. With that much time having passed, I really don't remember the brand of spray paint I used. But it's a safe bet the primer and the paint were automotive in nature as I bought them at a local auto-parts store. I'm almost certain it was something along the lines of a 'factory color-match' for some year green GM/Chevrolet product.


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I have one that I wanted to paint to look like it belonged aboard ship. So I have one in the back room that is painted Haze Gray. I have not painted the hull number on the lid and sides yet, but it's coming. :)

Haha, very nice! Post up some pics, I'd like to see it when you're done! Smile


Awesome! Now, for a green non prototype Mac...

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Awesome! Now, for a green non prototype Mac...

That would be sweet for sure! One of the 'toaster' Macs would look awesome in green.

I can't bring myself to spray my Color Classic though, so if you do one, please post pics. It would be nice to see and ponder 'what if' for when I get another Mac.


Superb, gorgeous, sexy!