"Vintage Apple Floppy Disk Case" (eBay Item #: 250920991664). So what do yah'all think - Genuine?

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"Vintage Apple Floppy Disk Case" (eBay Item #: 250920991664). So what do yah'all think - Genuine?

Hi Apple Fritter Members,

I couldn't resist bringing to your attention an issue on a lighter note -- a current eBay listing I came across for a "Vintage Apple Floppy Disk Case". I think some Member(s) have mentioned that they scan eBay somewhat regularly for (I'm sure much higher value) Apple components. But in case you don't, or you happened to miss this one, I think you may find it interesting.

I know that this is a long shot theory - but do you think it's possible that this Item is not a Vintage Apple product at all? But rather, based primarily on examination of this Item's included eBay listing photos, a generic brand plastic floppy disk case with a single rainbow Apple logo sticker affixed to its top? (The sticker itself, I think mostly likely being a genuine vintage Apple product?)

I'd be interested - if not in all likelihood amused - by any Member's trained eyes' best-possible appraisal of this Item's authenticity (as it's unashamedly explicitly titled in its official eBay listing!).

Hope you're all having a good weekend so far.

Best Regards -

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Re: "Vintage Apple Floppy Disk Case" (eBay Item #: ...

I do not ever recall any Apple II cases made by Apple. Unless they are a raised plastic Apple on them. I have quite a few cases that have a sticker like that.

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Re: "Vintage Apple Floppy Disk Case" (eBay Item #: ...


You are absolutely correct. It is NOT an Apple Disk Holder. It just has one of the decals on it. I have several of them myself.

I started another thread a while back about some of the things I see up on eBay all the time. The one that I looked at recently was the listing for the Sealed Apple IIe Expansion Kit for $149.00.

I sold several of these at the beginning of the year for about $25.00 each. Plus you can get the same kit from Reactive Micro (although not in the original Apple box) for $25.00.

So I wrote the seller and told them so. It is still listed at thier original price.

I doubt they get what they are asking. Smile

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