SE/30 1.2GB Quantum Drive and the Activity LED

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SE/30 1.2GB Quantum Drive and the Activity LED


I have an SE/30 with a 1.2GB Quantum SCSI drive. In fact its a Quantum Fireball fbtms 655-0394. I'd like to get the activity LED to work but the cable connector does not match whats on the drive. I've searched the internet but haven't found anything. The drive has a 5 pin connector that is flat and VERY thin. Its about 1/2 inch wide and about 1/16 of inch (maybe less) high. Does anyone know what the pinout is and/or if there is a cable available anywhere?

A second thought, is there a way to the activity via the 50 pin SCSI? Thanks!!!


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Re: SE/30 1.2GB Quantum Drive and the Activity LED

Unfortunately there's no easy way of getting LED activity out of a SCSI connection without some intermediate circuitry. Normally hard drive activity must be provided by either the hard drive itself or a logic board. Could you perhaps post a picture of the connector or any other connector so that we may inspect it closer?

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