Raspberry and Apple Pi

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Raspberry and Apple Pi
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When my old Apple Mighty mouse got gummed up, I bought an Apple Magic mouse to replace it. It wasn’t that the old mouse was completely useless, it still worked up to a point – it’s just that the scroll functionality didn’t.

The Magic Mouse is a superb device. It’s slick. It’s smooth. It’s beautifully built. In fact, even the packaging is beautifully built – and out of better quality plastics than most other manufacturers use for their actual mice. The box is also just about the right size for a Raspberry Pi. Read on here to see what happened when I got busy with a Dremel.


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Re: Raspberry and Apple Pi



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Re: Raspberry and Apple Pi

Awesome! Never would have thought of that!

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Re: Raspberry and Apple Pi

I always feel guilty chucking the overly-elaborate and very nicely made plastic boxes that some electronic toys come in (Apple isn't the only offender here), that's an excellent example of how to put them to good use. Bravo!

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Re: Raspberry and Apple Pi

Very cool!

I'm gonna pull out my old spherically correct Pro Mouse makeover to post and start working on it again!

Thanks for the inspiration.


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Re: Raspberry and Apple Pi

Great idea! I'm actually a big fan of using old iPod cases for my electronics enclosures. I used one a while back to enclose my pcb and battery back (4 aa batteries) for my LED glasses build. Worked out beautifully. The acrylic cuts nice and easily, and looks really cool. I found someone selling a bunch of these on eBay back then, and snapped them all up!

Nice job on yours! Looks like it was made for the rpi.

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