Burning CDs for the 68k

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Burning CDs for the 68k

I'd like to burn some CDs for my 68k Mac so I hopped on my G4 where the burner is thinking I'd just burn a few. Wrong! Apparently OS X doesn't give me an option to burn to HFS. I booted into OS 9 and there were a few more options (ISO 9660?) but none of those worked. I don't really want to shell out $100 for Toast. Are there any other options? Five CDs down and still wondering.

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Make sure the 68k has the "Fo

Make sure the 68k has the "Foreign File Access" or something like that (can anyone correct me here?) so that it can read ISO 9660 CD-ROMs. ISO CDs are quite common and life will be better in the long run if you go ahead and do that. FWIW you might be able to use some of the UNIX tools to create a 650MB HFS drive image and make an .iso from that and then burn the .iso to a CD... but I've not looked into that line of approach much. Something like either using Disk Copy... hold the phone:

Try Disk Copy:
1. Create a New Blank Image. (File->New->Blank Image or Cmd-N)
2. Select the Size based on your CD media if you want to fill it up, either 610 MB for 650MB media or 660 MB for 700 MB media. Otherwise set it to a reasonable size for the data you need to transfer. No sense in burning 600MB of zeros when you only want to burn 50MB...
3. Set Type to Mac OS Extended (if 68k is running OS 8.1) or Mac OS Standard (most likely).
4. Give the image a name (default is Untitled) and give the file a name. These are different. The image name is what will show when the burned CD is mounted on the Desktop, the file name is the name for the file that contains the image. I used HFSCD for my image name and hfstest for my file name. Disk Copy will append a .dmg automatically.
5. Click "create". The new image will mount on the desktop.
6. Fill the image with whatever you want to transfer. When done "eject" it.
7. Go back into Disk Copy, and "Burn Image". Select your HFS file, put in a blank and burn away.

My test worked when placed into an OS 9.0 Beige G3, and it read it as a Mac OS Standard disk. I don't have a 68k Mac w/ CD up here, but I assume it'll work fine. Maybe I'll have to try making a bootable HFS CD. Anyone know if there is more black magic involved than just installing a basic system to an HFS image and burning that?

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CD-R compatability . . .

. . . of your 68k CD-ROM Drive mechanism is the first thing to check out.


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