Been A Very Long Time

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Been A Very Long Time

Not sure where else to put this, so I thought I'd just put this here.
It has been a very long time since I've been here. To be honest, I guess that's just life. I still have some 68k stuff left, a Mac 128/Plus and a Centris 660AV, but am wondering if I will ever see them again as they are in the possession of my ex-girlfriend and in storage (long, sad story, suffice to say that games are being played here). I sold off some of my other gear, and have regretted it. It was one of those acts of desperation, where I needed money to get out of a dreadful situation (see above), and knew I had some interesting stuff.
Now, I miss it dearly.
I hope that at some point I will be able to replace my PowerBook 540c. That computer served me long and well, an absolute joy to work on. Same for my eMate. The only Macintosh I have with me is my iBook clamshell.
But I am moving forward again. Currently, I am functionally disabled, so very little in the way of funds. I manage, though. Probably going to sell off some more stuff, both to make room and to get the funds to replace those things I wish I had never let slip through my fingers.
Anyway, I'm back. Good to be here again.

- Robert

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Re: Been A Very Long Time

Welcome Back astro_rob!!!

Steven Smile

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