Apple IIgs loads with a red screen

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Apple IIgs loads with a red screen

Hey, so Im still waiting for my 4mb ram ugrade to arrive and in the meanwhile I thought Id try Defender of the Crown. So I have 1.25mb. So using FloppyEmu I line up disk1 and reboot. Its starts to load, and then after 30 seconds or so the familiar theme music plays. But the odd thing is, the screen is bright red, no graphics.

The Floppy Emu actually has a Golf game on it, and I have also tried to load that. Same deal, the game loads for 30 seconds, then the screen goes red and then music plays. Very good music, but no graphics.


Is my IIgs bust? I did a search online for IIgs and red screen and nothing came up.

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Still no graphics

I really need some help here...

Hey, so I received my 4mb GGLabs expansion card today, and very dinky it is. This evening I tested it and the Ram disk shows 4mb available. This is great, so I plugged in my Floppy Emu, and set it to load GSOS 6.0.2 and... it does not, still


So, let me be clear here. This is a ROM01 machine, it appears to be a Woz edition machione, but the logo is faded. The machine works on a basic level. It has loaded Apple II/e/c era games, like an Infocom text adventure and this worked fine. But when I try to get it to load something GS specific like the GSOS or the IIgs version of Defender of the Crown, it acts oddly.


1. GSOS Starts to boot. The Boot screen loads, but the progress bar shows nothing. After about 40 seconds, the computer makes a beep, like its seeking to boot again, and thats it. 

2. Defender of the Crown, starts booting, shows Pro Dos screen, and the drive light flashes for a while, then the screen goes red, and then the Defender of The Crown music plays, but with the red screen on show. And thats it

3. Zany Golf, pretty much exactly the same as DOTC. Ends with red screen and music playing.


Does this sound familiar to anyone? Seems like the machine has a fault? Any help appreciated.

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The beep you are hearing

The beep you are hearing during GSOS startup is most likely the system bombing. If you hit CTRL-Reset you will probably see the system has crashed to the monitor.


Have you tried by running the inbuilt diagnostics? If not, try holding OpenApple and Option down during cold boot OR OpenApple-Option-CTRL-Reset once the machine has been turned on.


The inbuilt diagnostics are fairly extensive and run tests on most of the onboard subsystems (not expansion RAM though).


Hopefully running this will give you an indication of where things are failing. My bet is bad onboard RAM, but the test will tell you which chip(s) are bad.





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The OP has this discussion

The OP has this discussion going on in another thread:


I suggested both the built in and the diaganostics disk, and in doing so I think we have narrowed it down to a fault when switching to super high res mode. But that's about as far as I can take it.


Note to the OP, it's best to keep discussion of the same issue to a single thread, so everyone can follow along and avoid duplicating advice.

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nick3092 agreed. I split the

nick3092 agreed. I split the thread accidentally, by giving a new post a title. An odd feature. Maybe best removed, or at least hidden? 

Ill comment only in the other thread...

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