Apple-1 replica gerber files

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Apple-1 replica gerber files
Package icon Gerber Files for A1 replica.292.48 KB

I am uploading a set of Gerber files that can be used to manufacture Apple-1 replica boards. Just wanted to inform those who do not know that they are now available. They were published recently in the Facebook A-1 forum.

Some other members and myself are making a group order from JLCPCB for a small batch of boards. They are currently being manufactured and will be received by Sept. 30th. Our cost will be US$20. each. If interested , please PM me.

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Thanks for posting...

Can you upload a photo of the finished product once you get them?

I might be interested, as I have parts to nearly complete another board but have been saving them for a decent replication of the motherboard.

Also, as you going to get the cassette interface boards as well?  Thanks again.

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