68040 33mhz versus 25mhz

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68040 33mhz versus 25mhz

I'm ready to switch out the 68LC040 33mhz chip in my Mystic CC mobo for a 68040. There seem to be a few 25mhz chips on ebay but I can't find a 33mhz or 40mhz for a decent price.

Compared to the FPU-less 68LC040, would there be much of a performance or speed difference between the 25hz and the 33mhz 68040 versions?

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Re: 68040 33mhz versus 25mhz

You'll notice a difference from the FPU only with software specifically written to use it: Rendering, encoding, a few Photoshop filters, etc.

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Re: 68040 33mhz versus 25mhz


I was just on ebay (today is 5/14/15). I found this 33Mhz 68040 processor for $45 plus $10 for shipping. It is a MC68040RC33
which I *believe* (check with someone who knows because I am new)is the version with the FPU built inside of it:


Here are some fan and heat sync combos from about $6.00 to $20:





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