ACPI Driver for Win 7 x64

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ACPI Driver for Win 7 x64

I got a Mac Pro 1,1. The one wouldn't work with 10.8.

I install 10.7 on it and decided to install Win 7 with Boot Camp.Mostly, it's working. I didn't even use the drivers in the CD made by boot camp. Win 7-64 found all the drivers except one...ACPI.

Here is the problem. When I tried to install the boot camp drivers. It ended with an error "Boot Camp x64 is not supported on this computer model".

I installed the Intel Chipset drivers from that CD and still no good. Tried update the driver. Can't find any even after I pointed to the CD.

The driver is got to be on that boot camp CD, any idea what is it under?

Any help is greatly appreciated.