Acrylic Case for Apple-1 (and Apple-1 replica from Gerber file)

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Acrylic Case for Apple-1 (and Apple-1 replica from Gerber file)



my name is Armin. I am a German retro computer enthusiast and have bought several machines during "this period" … it started with a KIM-1, which introduced the 6502 to the world (and probably to Woz, no?) 

Anyway, when I got it, I decided to build a case showing here:


Because I really liked the way it turned out, I decided to produce a few of those cases to be sold. The very first buyer told me that he owns an Apple-1 and asked if I had a case like this for his Apple-1, too, to which I replied: "No. At least – not yet!"

So I researched the PCB details of the Apple-1 and found this forum where I also saw the thread with the Gerber files of the Apple-1 replica. I am still waiting on the PCBs I ordered and I am also not sure whether the mounting holes of the replica really match the ones of an original Apple-1. I have tried to combine data from various sources and it seems that the position of at least 2 mounting holes (the upper ones on the left and right) are slightly different between original and replica, but it also could be a perspective shift. Difficult to say for now.


Long story short:

By end of next week I hope to have a prototype ready to show to all of you for your feedback. If there is enough interest, I would be selling the case with and without the Gerber-File-PCB (unpopulated).


Best to all of you and stay healthy,