Airport networks and Classic OS

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Airport networks and Classic OS

I believe that one should always make the most of what they have. I try to avoid buying the latest,cutting edge technology unless I can justify the expense (The being said, I do not need an iPhone X to do what my iPhone 6 does just fine and I cannot use my PM 8600 to manage that device...).

So I am looking for help and mentoring on my home network. Details of my hardware are better described here, but the short of it is that I have a G3 laptop and a couple of Lucent WaveLan cards (Bronze, Silver, and Gold). When inserted into the card slot, the cards will happily show as "AirPort" card. I can configure my laptop to operate as a base station, sharing the ethernet connection (or modem). What i cannot do is connect this laptop using this card to my existing AirPort network which is facilitated by my AirPort Extreme (flying saucer version). I just cannot seem to resolve this and am chalking my failures up to a inexperience and a lack of knowledge. Meanwhile, if I use a NetGear card i have and the driver from IOXperts, the laptop connects just fine (albeit for only 30 minutes). I was unable to register my copy of the software and have been unsuccessful finding a key on the abandonware sites.

My current network is set to be open/no password but does require the MAC address of the hardware be registered - all mentioned cards are registered and were known to work with my newton connecting to this same network many moons ago.

1. Is there some reason why I cannot use my Lucent "Airport" card(s) to connect to my current network?
2. Do I need to alter the configuration of my network? I cannot see ANY networks as options to choose and I thought even if un-joinable, I should still see the ten or so I can easily see in my area in the list of networks available. (These all show up under the IOXperts-supported card).
3. Is there an extension I need to load other than the ones that came with OS 9.x?
4. If I downgraded my AirPort to a Graphite (M7601LL/B or M8209LL/A), would this possibly alleviate my issue?