Anyone have a Macintosh?

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Anyone have a Macintosh?

I'm just wondering if anyone has a Macintosh SE I could buy. I'm checking eBay, but I would also like to check here.


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Re: Anyone have a Macintosh?


I have 1 SE, but sorry, it is not for sale.
You need to look at some of Seal's postings.
He always has Macs for sale. Smile


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Re: Anyone have a Macintosh?


I have two, and I've been kind of 50/50 in regards to selling the first one.

However, I will probably consider selling it if the price is right.

PM me if interested.


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Re: Anyone have a Macintosh?

Which Mac SE are you looking for?

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Re: Anyone have a Macintosh?

i have one if your interested

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