Apple-1 PCB with hard gold plated fingers at reduced price

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Apple-1 PCB with hard gold plated fingers at reduced price

Hello to all of you,


I was about to order more HAL boards from my Chinese supplier when they came back and said they still had 190 pcs on stock of the hard gold plated PCBs that I ordered for my Apple-1 replicas. The offered them for the same price as the much cheaper HAL finished ones. Of course, I immediately agreed!

That's why I can offer 190 of those boards for a much better price now. You can order the boards here:


Use discount code SPECIAL2022 to redeem the discount of 20 Euro, so the price is 49,90 Euro instead of 69,90 Euro. The board comes with a "bill of materials", a high-quality replica of the first Apple-1 advertisement and a print of the schematics.


In case you wonder: This board has been made from the well-known open source Gerber files, further modified by applefritter user mrtitanic777. I also have worked closely with the pcb manufacturer to adjust the color of the solder mask. As I have no original board at hand, the color still is no perfect match but much nicer than the usual light green you get. 

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...guess I'll have to build another clone then...  ;-)

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I have one of these boards

I have one of these boards and it works superbly.


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