Apple 1 Proms remarked

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Apple 1 Proms remarked

Hello everyone. One of the members here helped me with remarking the A1 and A2 Proms on my Pre NTI board. Sure does make the board present much nicer!

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Re: Apple 1 Proms remarked

Which technique did you use? The foil? or an epoxy paint stamp?


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Re: Apple 1 Proms remarked

Since I work for a company that makes the machines that print on IC's, I'll share with you a way you can do this at home with pretty good results provided your patient with experimenting with "inks"...

Use THIS ARTWORK and create a Printed Circuit board so that the printed image is etched away. (Scale the image to fit the MMI Chip)
In essence, you will have a "gravure" plate from which you can use as your master print plate.
Next, set up a jig of sorts that will let you position a silicone print pad LIKE THIS ONE so that it can raise and lower vertically. (like with a drill press as example)
The etched plate should sit below the pad so that when it gets inked, the pad can go down on it lightly so that pressure doesn't squeeze the ink out of the etched gravure well. (causing distortion of the image)
Another challenge is to make up a jig that will hold the IC into position (above the etched plate and below the print pad) for the transfer.

Inks can be made from 2-part epoxy paint or "Testors" white paint, thinned a bit. (will take some experimenting)

Inking the etched plate requires less than a drop over the etched portion, then scraped over using a razor blade so that only the etched wells contain the "ink".
Once you've inked and scraped your gravure plate, use the Silicone pad to "pick up" the image for transfer.
Before the "ink" dries too much, position the IC so that it will "transfer" the image from the silicone pad to the top of the IC.

Have plenty of cleaning solvents and paper towels handy during the process.
Be sure you work in a well ventilated environment.
Good luck!

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Re: Apple 1 Proms remarked

Corey: He used the Toner Reactive Foil (TRF) method and was careful not to duplicate letters as crisp and perfect and to insure the positioning was slightly off. Then the logos were made to look worn and uneven. Just like the originals. I am very happy with them. Now to duplicate a white ceramic CPU as I don't have $2,000 for an original. Corey, I notice on your new web page that you might be addressing this challenge or providing info?

Macnoyd: Excellent post by you and I'm sure members with more expertise than I will utilize your procedure and suggestions.


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