Apple 1 Software Juke-Box and Wi-Fi Modem cards

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Apple 1 Software Juke-Box and Wi-Fi Modem cards

Hello everyone!  I want to share a couple of amazing A1 expansion cards from my friend from Italy.


Software Juke-Box




Wi-Fi Modem




For all questions, you can write to him by mail





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It looks like the response to

It looks like the response to this new devices is much higher in Europe.

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yes i like it :)

and it works also together with the ACi,..   :)


at least the first test attempts  



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I'm so glad it's working and you like it, please let me know if there are any issues.

Although this is not an "official" feature, it's nice to know that it might work with ACI, at least with that excellent buffered extender.


A word regarding Natas666's post... looking at my stats, actually 1/3 of the boards have been shipped to the USA.

Another 1/3 have been shipped to my country, the remaining 1/3 have been evenly distributed between the EU and the rest of the world.

So far. :-)


Regards & have a nice weekend, ciao!

Claudio - P-LAB




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WIFI Card for the Apple1 / BBC connect 300baud

Hello Claudio.You make really super great things.The jukebox card I had bought ready from you.The new WIFI card I had only built according to your instructions, it works after a little startup problems but now also great. First I had a defective IC of my own.

Who wants to connect his Apple1 once in the "Internet" so with a BBS via WLAN, that looks at each user meeting certainly great! should perhaps consider ordering the finished card from Claudio.I built it myself but together with the components and the time for soldering plus debugging, a finished card would have been even cheaper.

Enclosed are some pictures of my first "LOGIN".

Thanks Claudio !! Great idea




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