Apple Compote (side B)

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Classical Sider
1. Can-Can from Orpheus in the Underworld (Jacques Offenbach)
Mike Abelson, ALF MC1 (2:37)
2. Hoe Down from Rodeo (Aaron Copland)
Mike Abelson, ALF MC1 (3:18)
3. The Birth of Kije from LLieutenant Kije Suite (Serge Prokofiev)
Mike Abelson, ALF MC1 (4:20)
4. Trumpet Tune (Henry Purcell)
Chris Light, Mountain Computing Music System (1:58)

Silicon Valley Pops
5. Over There (George M. Cohan)
Bruce Berns, ALF MC1 (2:15)
6. Blue Tango (Leroy Anderson)
Bruce Berns, ALF MC1 (2:45)
7. The Typewriter (Leroy Anderson)
Bruce Berns, ALF MC1 (1:40)

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