Apple DMP printer support and drivers for say System 6 and such.

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Apple DMP printer support and drivers for say System 6 and such.

So I finally track down a RGB monitor and with it came the the APPLE DMP (dot matrix printer.). You know the one before imagewritter. According to the manaual perfect fit for

Apple II, II plus,  and III. Due to the centronics interface. Then later Apples like the IIGS start talking abtou the imagewriter or even imagewriter II. This is just as

frustrating with using a third party printer. In my case a Okidata 82a. The main questions I have. Does the DMP work with a Imagewriter driver? I double it would work with the imagewriter II.

Just like the world of IBM clones and dos. Unles it is say an Epson (can't think of a few others) dot matrix printer you are pretty much limited. I know on the winderz side when 3.1 and esp. 95 came out. You pretty much had it made for printers if you could find the driver. Though on a unrelated note. I noticed when you move to Macintosh later systems. Seemed to move to laserwriter and away from dot matrix printers. Took me a while to get my Epson FX 890 to work with it using an apple talk card with drivers. Laser printer support in Apple iig system 6 and mac os 7.6 was not an issue for my HP.





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The Apple DMP is very similar

The Apple DMP is very similar to the Imagewriter I.  They were both made by C.Itoh.  They both use very similar encoding.  The main difference besides the case is the interface.  Drivers that depend on the interface obviously may have issues.  But if the software knows how to print to a parallel printer, the codes will be nearly the same between them.


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