Apple //e A2S2080 S Platinum

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Apple //e A2S2080 S Platinum
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I have an unopened Apple //e A2S2080 S Platinum in original box. S = Sweden. Should I opened? I would like to use it! I have only used my Apple II europlus before. This is marked Platinum, but does not have the ordinary platinum keyboard. Euro model ? I'm grateful for more information on this particular model.

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Re: Apple //e A2S2080 S Platinum

A very nice Machine! It might be an early 90s late 80s Apple //e for education.
The Platinum //e with number block were only available in the US.
Everywhere else they looked like the one you have.

I would really like to see there serial number of the mainboard and the production date.


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Re: Apple //e A2S2080 S Platinum

That //e label is a touch weird too, isn't it, with the colours?

FYI we definitely had the US Platinums in Australia (PAL), they were extremely common in schools with the numpad.

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Re: Apple //e A2S2080 S Platinum



That is a very nice unit.

I have never seen one exactly like it before.
The 65c02 already on the power light of a new machine.
It is immaculate.


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Re: Apple //e A2S2080 S Platinum

I have one of these machines too with the 65c02 on it. If you decide to open it, I would like to know the number on the cpu. Mine says 6503 instead of 65c02.

Yet mine doesn't seem to have the updated ROM as when you try to do a list in the monitor, it still shows the listing of the unenhanced IIe without the use of some of the enhanced mnemonics, such as BRA.

I am confused about what I have and I originally thought my computer was modified. Now I am not so sure since mine has the 65c02 logo as well.

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Re: Apple //e A2S2080 S Platinum

Everybody thanks! Glad to read about it. It's still in the plastic bag. I will let you know when I opened it up and take some picture. For now I started to use my old Apple II europlus. I have some trouble with CFFA 3000 card, but I open up I new thread for that.

I saw one similar for sale on amibay.

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