Apple ][e strange composite behaviour (PAL AFAIK)

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Apple ][e strange composite behaviour (PAL AFAIK)

 I'm looking at ways to improve the composite signal from my ][e, because the composite video output is really poor quality.  I did read this  Thread on composite  however it didn't really enlighten me.What is interesting is that the Apple only seems to work with my Dell monitor, which has a composite input.

I have a TV that has composite too, and works just fine with every other composite device I have (I have a LOT), but the Apple does not behave.The symptoms are that when connected to the TV composite, it will sometimes have a blank screen/flicker and occasionally report a SECAM signal if just booting to basic, though generally if you boot to a game, it will eventually pick up the signal and work just fine.If I use a composite to SCART adapter via the OSSC it reveals that SYNC is dropping frequently, and when it does get SYNC, it is 50Hz as expected, but it just doesn't lock in.

Is this a symptom of the way the signal is generated, or is it possibly a fault?

Just as a side note, it has a chip marked 341-0170a and has a notation of PAL-HAL in front of slot 6.