Apple II Europlus - Help getting it back to life!

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Apple II Europlus - Help getting it back to life!

Hi, new to this forum and hope some of you guys could help me. I assume ill need to try and supply more information so please let me know any other details.

Basically I managed to dig my old Apple ii Euro out of the loft and before powering on had the power supply recapped. Output has been tested since and are near correct voltages.

I have today put the PSU back into the unit and powered on. The card in slot 7 is a PAL Modulator and when powered on the led on the slot 7 digitek card powers on.

- I have removed the disk card during troubleshooting.- Motherboard is not shorting on unit.- Keyboard Power light is not illuminating- There is no *beep* on startup- TV display goes from usual white static to a black fuzzy screen which slides bottom to top over and over with diagnal bar. (per photo).- TV is correctly tuned as ive been using it for my C64 setup.


Would anyone be able to help in what I should be looking at next to get my old baby up and running ?Many thanks. 

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There are far too many chips

There are far too many chips involved in interaction to produce a "kind of error flowchart"but I have made pages that describe procedures how to norrow mistakes down to spcific "function blocks" at:

and at: also would be usefull to download this book: copy entire link without linefeed  to one single line in your browser ) !But be aware that download requires  quite time because book has quite more than  100 MByte size !hope this helps....speedyyG

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Look at the other thread in

Look at the other thread in this forum regarding someone wanting flow charts for repairing their apple. I posted links to two very useful books.



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