Apple II Revisions - ???

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Apple II Revisions - ???

Ok, I'm completely confused by Apple II revisions. For example, I have a revision 1 - board 7845, and a revision 3 7846. The revision 1 is in the 8,000's and the revision 3 is 10,000's

There is a revision 2 online right now that is date code 7907. His serial number is in the 16,000. Looking at the Apple II serial number registry there are Apple II revision 2 with serial numbers 9,000's and some as late as almost 19,000. Then you have revision 3 as late as 24,000

Apple II revision 0 0-6,000
Apple II revision 1 6,000 - 8,900?
Apple II revision 2 9,000 then skipped to 18,000 - 19,000
Apple II revision 3 10,000 then skipped to 17,000 - 24,000

So, is revision 1 the rarest and not revision 2?

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Re: Apple II Revisions - ???

Part of the confusion is uncertainty about when Apple switched from sequentially serial-numbering each individual board (production was still low) to the 4-digit YYWW date code system (presumably when production ramped up to a volume when it no longer made sense to track each board, and they cared more about batches). Therefore your rev1 board has a serial number 7845 while your rev3 was made 46th week of 1978, thus the 7846.

Then again...maybe your rev1 is labeled with a date code as well and I'm wrong, but I do still wonder what the highest serial numbered board is, how close it got to 78XX where it could be mistaken for a date?


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Re: Apple II Revisions - ???

Boards were swapped around a lot in those days for repairs... It's hard to tell what is original. With more data, it becomes easier to make assumptions.

We'll only know for sure when two boards with the same date code show up...

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