Apple II Scsi Rev C - Booting Issues

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Apple II Scsi Rev C - Booting Issues

I was wondering if someone could help me. I have a Enhanced IIe with a Apple II SCSI card, Rev C ROM, I also have an 80SC hard drive. The card originally recognized the drive (it didn't boot, but I am not sure it had anything on it) using the Chinook utility. I was able to run a successful check, and I was going to format it, but I shut it down when I noticed the jumper was missing from the first set of pins on the card. One of the pins was broken off, so I jumpered it and fired it back up, but upon booting, the system would no longer start. It would power on, start to boot off of my CFFA, but stop on the PRODOS loading screen. If I shut off the drive, it would continue to load, but the hard drive utility didn't recognize the card. If I turn it on and try to force the utility to load, it freezes the utility. I am guessing I fried something on the SCSI card, but I am not sure how to trouble shoot it. I did try replacing the ROM (I have another) but that didn't seem to change anything. I tried removing the jumper and no change. I am wondering if this card has any common chip failures, or if anyone recognizes these symptoms (it does have a terminator on the second SCSI port on the drive, I forgot to mention). I don't have any spare drives or cards unfortunately, and for what these cards cost, I really don't want to give up on it. There aren't a lot of chips on it, but I am not sure how common some of them are.



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My Rev C SCSI cards all have

My Rev C SCSI cards all have jumpers on the set pins closest to the back.
If your card doesn’t have the term power mod then either the drive must supply term power or you need an active terminator

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