Apple II synthesizer

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Apple II synthesizer
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i have received amongst other synth-stuff an AE Music Synthesizer.
But i don't know the correct settings of the 8 dip-switches.
Does anyone have a hint or the Manual?

I have already imaged all the Disks and sent them via email to Antoine V. of Brutal Deluxe for checking (and possibly upload).
Most of the Soft that was included seems not to be available online (until now).

I'm going to scan all the manuals as well. But it will take a while.

Stuff that was included:
- SoundChaser: 9 Disks with software, instruments and songs + 2 big manuals
- AE Music Synthesizer: 1 Disk (double sided) with V1.2 of the AE Software (no manual)
- Decillionix DX-1: 8 disks with software and add-ons as well as effects and instruments + several manuals
- Speech Design SDP-125: 1 Disk + 1 manual
- Mountain Computer MusicSystem: 2 double sided Disks + 1 big manual
- c't 'Klangcomputer' (German digitized sound card) for the A2: 3 pcb + docu + listings; no disks