Apple IIe HiRes mode issue

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Apple IIe HiRes mode issue

I recently purcahsed my first IIe, so still working things out. After fixing the PSU and replacing the CPU it is up and running, but with a few teething issues.

I added a 80 Col card to a Rev A motherboard, with the understanding that HiRes should work, but Double HiRes not.

Using something like XPS diagnostic the output in 80 Col mode shows spaces are replaced with an *

(Not a problem in 40 col mode)

I don't know if this is correct or an issue? Ideas would be appreciated!


Some of the things I tried:

.Other testing software gives the same issue.

If I plug a borrowed VidHD card in, it does not have the problem on that montitor, but the *'s  remains on the composite output.

I tried unplugging all other cards, swapping memory on the motherboard and expansion card out with another set, but it does not change anyhthing.

No other diagnostics on the board fail, I tried various.


The machine details

Apple IIe PAL 1982 820-0073-A (Chips are socketed, so should be the original Rev A)

CPU 6502 (Replaced from another IIE of the same time, slightly newer board)CD ROM 341-0135 Rev is unclear likely to be A or H (if that even exists) (1982)EF ROM 341-0134 A (1982)Video 341-0160 A (1982)Keyboard Rom 341-0150 Rev A (1982)

The ROM versions printed on the motherboard match the ones plugged in.


Memory ExpansionCardApple AIIE 80 COL/64K Memory Expansion820-0067-B (C) 1981J1 for the double HiRes not there. Did not make a difference on the 80Col test if I added it.











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You are right, there is an issue here. Furthermore, the diag screen is missing the top lines. It works well with the VidHD card because it doesn't use the video signal. It uses it's own memory to reproduce the outpout.

Have you tested the expansion ram card with the XPS O option (Auxiliary memory) ?

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