Apple IIe issue... Any ideas?

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Apple IIe issue... Any ideas?

I have a non-enhanced apple IIe that was working great just a few hours ago. I was making copies of disks and had no issues what so ever. I turned it off for a few hours... and just a few minutes ago turned it on to find a garbled screen:


Does anyone know what this screen image indicates? I've never had this happen so abruptly before.

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Re: Apple IIe issue... Any ideas?


First of all:

1) Find a multimeter
2) Turn Apple IIe power off
3) Disconnect the cable that goes from the power supply to the motherboard by releasing the lock and pulling the black plug up.
4) Check on the internal front side of the power supply for the black plug schematic diagram
5) tun on the multimeter and turn on the power supply.
6) Check that all the voltages are ok

7a) if not, turn off and disconnect the power supply from the mains and open it; the most common fault is with the internal capacitors.

7b) if ok, I would check the clock generator circuit onn the apple IIe motherboard with an oscilloscope to start with..........

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Re: Apple IIe issue... Any ideas?

I suppose the usage warmed it up then cooled down to slightly "unseat" a chip? Looks like you are missing a clock for character generation. Try reseating HAL, IOU then others ...
Does it beep? I assume not.

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