Apple IIe spacebar

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Apple IIe spacebar

Could someone walk me through the steps of putting a spacebar on a IIe? I am confused as to the metal bar, do you thread it through the holes in the black tabs in the space bar first, then try to put the spacebar in (seems too easy to drop the metal bar into the case, difficult to snap it in place), or do you snap the metal bar into the keyboard then try to thread it through the holes in the black tabs (can't see anything)? 

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I don't have a IIe to refer
I don't have a IIe to refer to, but most keyboards (even 20 years later) used similar guides. The guide clip snaps into place on the keyboard's base, and rides in two slots in the key. The wire won't enter the slots on its own; you need to manipulate it with tweezers or a stick while lowering the key down onto the key stem.
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Insert both spacebar guide

Insert both spacebar guide posts into the spacebar key. Press the wire hinge into the clips (I usually do this with a fingernail, but if you keep yours short, you can use a small metal pick), with the spacebar angled toward you. Place the spring on the keyswitch. Angle the two guide pillars into their slits and depress slowly onto the keyswitch while angling it backward. Be sure it is in the correct orientation ere starting, else you will have an upside-down spacebar. 

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